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SharePoint 2010 Error on page when browsing with IE 8

There are certain pages in SharePoint 2010 Central Administration that will throw an "Error on Page" error when you are browsing with Internet Explorer 8 and you try to perform an action.

For example, when trying to edit a user profile synchronization connection:


You get:


To get around this you can either use a different browser, or from the page that's causing the error you can do the following:

  • Launch Internet Explorer 8 and browse to the page that's throwing the error
  • Press F12 to open the Developer Tools
  • Set the Browser Mode: to IE7
  • Close the Developer Tools and try again

Browser Mode


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In a SharePoint 2013 on-premise solution, it’s pretty easy to use the server-side object model to set the available page layouts and default page layout.  All you have to do is get a handle to the PublishingWeb object that wraps a publishing SPWeb, and then use the method or the property. Unfortunately, this functionality isn’t supported in the client-side object model, which is what we’re restricted to if we are using SharePoint Online. 

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