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Use planning workshops to get project teams on the same page

Planning workshops help to ensure the success of your project by engaging everyone on the project team. However, it's essential that this stage is also well thought-out. Here's some considerations to take into account when planning a planning workshop. 

Strategy + Design

What is atomic design?


The atomic design concept is simple: designs can be broken down into parts that create a larger whole, just as all matter is made up of atoms. We need to be more explicit in creating design systems both for ourselves and our clients.


Why are my sort orders not working in my SharePoint 2013 search results Web Part?

I’ve recently been working on a project for a public website using SharePoint 2013 and ran into an issue regarding the search results web part not applying my defined sort order. Since I was just rolling up data from a list, I decided to take advantage of the out-of-the-box search results web part. The web part was showing the results from the list but the sort order wasn’t being applied. I went back into the search results web part properties and everything was configured fine. Thankfully, there are a couple solutions to this problem that are simple to implement.

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