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Better employee portals with Microsoft Office for iPad

The release of Microsoft Office for iPad ultimately helps our employee portals, intranets, and document management systems become more useful and usable.   

Strategy + Design

Are you fun, easy, and popular?

Fun, easy, and popular solutions are adopted faster, used more often, and last longer. You can try to mandate fun, easy, and popular solutions. That may work at the outset, but it crushes company culture and introduces an additional, valueless overhead.


What’s new for hybrid Office 365 and SharePoint

More and more organizations struggling to move to the cloud. The benefits are lower costs and faster access to new functionalities, but the cloud comes with some risk. Information security, data crossing national borders, and lack of flexibility are all real concerns. Portal management within IT teams will be critical in a cloud world. Helping users understand functionality, setting expectations, and supporting people through change will be required more often than ever before.

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