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Configure Google Analytics for better insights

Habanero, search terms, Google Analytics

True insight is often buried under dirty data. We can improve our ability to achieve insight by adding Google Analytics filters to reduce the noise created by case-sensitivity and by enabling Site Search Tracking to allow for faster analysis of key search terms from your site. These simple – but often overlooked – configurations give cleaner data and better insights.

Strategy + Design

Paper prototyping: an evolution

What happens when wireframes just don’t cut it? When one of our wireframe presentations failed to resonate, we were in the midst of designing a tool that could be used in a variety of ways to organize thoughts, content, people, or ideas. We realized that the problem wasn’t in the design, but in the way we presented and illustrated the functionality. We replaced the wireframes with paper, scissors, and tape, and we replaced the computer with one of our information architects. By the end of the exercise, our solution had really connected, and the clients were excited to see it taking shape in such an organic way.


Creating flexible, robust Nintex workflows: Switch and Loop

Nintex, Habanero, workflow

Most simple workflows are designed linearly, top to bottom. Step one, to Step two, to Step three. This is easy to follow logically, and straight-forward to design. Yet as workflows grow, testing them top down can get difficult. Placing a switch within a loop and connecting the switch to a list column gives us the ability to control what branch a workflow should execute next.

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