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Configure Google Analytics for better insights

Habanero, search terms, Google Analytics

True insight is often buried under dirty data. We can improve our ability to achieve insight by adding Google Analytics filters to reduce the noise created by case-sensitivity and by enabling Site Search Tracking to allow for faster analysis of key search terms from your site. These simple – but often overlooked – configurations give cleaner data and better insights.

Strategy + Design

What sprint planning can do for your projects

Agile methodology, sprint planning, Habanero, customer portals

Sprints are an agreed-upon period of time, usually a few weeks, during which the development team will complete an agreed-upon quantity of work. This kind of collaboration leads to great discussions about the value of each task, which in turn helps to keep everyone aligned and the project moving forward.


Creating attractive emails with HTML tables in Nintex

Nintex, Habanero

Often, our clients ask to receive emails using data compiled from SharePoint lists. We'll create tables styled with inline CSS and mention some of the common mistakes people run into while building HTML emails in Nintex.

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