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Building your employee portal or intranet in Office 365

SharePoint Online vs. SharePoint 2013?

The vast majority of enterprise organizations host their SharePoint infrastructure on-premise, in a co-located data centre, or in a private cloud. However, many are exploring the feasibility of leveraging Office 365, or more accurately SharePoint Online, to host their employee portals, intranets, and collaboration environments. As such, we have created a white paper: Building your employee portal in Office 365.

Strategy + Design

Responsible Development: Don’t let cloud upgrades ground you

We want our clients to save money when they move to the cloud, but also want to ensure their employees have access to world-class tools as part of their digital workplace experience. Our Responsible Development techniques can make this a reality.


Creating flexible, robust Nintex workflows: Switch and Loop

Nintex, Habanero, workflow

Most simple workflows are designed linearly, top to bottom. Step one, to Step two, to Step three. This is easy to follow logically, and straight-forward to design. Yet as workflows grow, testing them top down can get difficult. Placing a switch within a loop and connecting the switch to a list column gives us the ability to control what branch a workflow should execute next.

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